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Clutch Repair / Replacement

Computerized Systems

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Diagnostic Service

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Drive Axles

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Emission System Repair

Fan Clutch

Fuel Injection Systems

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Motor Mounts

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Suspension Systems

Timing Belt Replacement

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Water Pumps


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Automotive Brake System


If your ABS light comes on,visit A & J Auto Repair right away. Our expert mechanics will make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive again. Our mechanics are masters at repairing and maintaining brakes including replacing brake pads and shoes, resurfacing rotors, replacing brake calipers, replacing brake hoses and flushing brake systems.

Automotive Brake System

Electrical Systems

Your cars electrical system includes the battery, starter and alternator. The technicians at A & J Auto Repair will make sure that your electrical system is in top working order so that you won't be stranded with a vehicle that won't start. A weak or dead battery can damage your vehicles alternator and starter.

Automotive Brake System

Suspension Systems

Wear and tear on your suspension system can affect your vehicles handling and safety. A worn susupension part can cause premature wear and tear on other vehicle parts and on your tires. At A & J Auto Repair, our expert technicians can address suspension problems to head off bigger problems - saving you money and protecting your safety.

Automotive Brake System

A/C / Air Conditioning

The technicians at A & J Auto Repair are experts at air conditioning, from testing and regular maintenance to complete repair. We can evaluate your vehicles A/C system, pinpoint the issues and provide fast and effective repairs so you can get back on the road in comfort.